We help our clients reach their online marketing goals in a multitude of ways. Whether it be retooling a pay-per-click campaign, optimizing an existing website or building inbound links via article and video creation, Lubbock Internet has the expertise to make the hopes of our clients become reality. Read below to learn how these businesses achieved success with Lubbock Internet.

Award Ribbons

Overview: Responsive web design for Award Ribbons. The site was built on the WordPress framework, customized to the client’s specifications. In addition to web design we consulted with them on domain name migration, SEO and various search marketing services including: Setup and management of MailChimp email marketing, Mandrill form submissions, Google Adwords PPC, local citations and Facebook marketing.

Services: SEM Analysis, Responsive WordPress Design, Site Optimization, Local Listings, Domain Name Migration, Link Building, Article Distribution, Newsletter and Social Media Management

When Award Ribbons first contacted us they had a standard website that was not ranking very well. A large part of their advertising was spent on a physical multi-page brochure that was being printed and mailed to existing clients every year. Not much was being done to promote new business.

We learned that they owned the domain name awardribbons.com, but it was not being used for their main site. They were using houseofribbons.com and aquaticawards.com for a secondary site. We convinced them to move everything under one website and migrate to the much more keyword rich domain name awardribbons.com. The new site was now much more search engine friendly and responsive.

After learning how much was being spent on a physics brochure and mailing each year, we advised them to move to a simplified brochure that would be sent out when requested or needed. We would also have a pdf online for download. We then setup a MailChimp account, had them export emails from QuickBooks for us to import, built their newsletter and setup an email schedule for the entire year. We setup their social media profiles and including them in their yearly marketing schedule. National PPC campaigns were setup attract new business as well as Facebook advertising.

“We are a national company, family owned and operated since 1964, with three entities. Lubbock Internet has been instrumental in helping us move our website up in the organic rankings. We have been working with them since 2012 and their advice and direction have been invaluable in the marketing of our company. We are currently working with them on our social media presence and PPC (pay per click) campaign.

We have worked with other firms and we have found that Lubbock Internet has exhibited professional attention and research into our specific market. They have invested their time and resources into researching and learning our industry – a hands on quality that is rare these days. We highly recommend their services.”

– Pam Hawkins, Co-Owner, Award Ribbons, Lago Vista, TX

Award Ribbons now has a search engine friendly, responsive website that ranks much better organically for national searches. There are still areas of organic ranking that can improved upon and have been discussed and analyzed from an ROI standpoint. New clients are also being brought in via PPC campaigns and social media marketing. Existing clients are being kept updated on specials and services via email newsletters and social media posts. Overall advertising costs are down, the client’s time spent marketing has been reduced drastically and sales have increased.

Award Ribbons

Intelligent Key Solutions

Overview: Intelligent Key Solutions of Driftwood, TX needed us take over the launch of their new ecommerce site. With the previous developer going MIA, they needed help immediately. Their big expo in California was only a couple of weeks way. We had a lot of work to do and not much time to do it.

Services: WordPress, WooCommerce, Cart to Cart Migration, MailChimp Setup, Email Marketing

Intelligent Key Solutions contacted us to help them finish an ecommerce project started by another company. Development had stalled one year after it started. IKS had a large expo in a couple of weeks and hoped to have it completed by then. Knowing it was not even half completed, we had to work fast.

We setup a new WooCommerce installation, imported past order, products and customer accounts from their existing ZenCart solutions. We setup dynamic shipping, credit card/paypal processing, label printing and other features. After a lot of hours and many late nights, we launched the new site the evening before the expo. The site ran perfectly during the expo and the guys at IKS were thrilled.

Intelligent Key Solutions

After the expo we spoke to IKS about setting a newsletter system to make existing/past customer aware of their new site and products. We also wanted to help setup an email marketing plan to push specific products.

We setup their MailChimp account, imported emails from their old zencart ecommerce solution, setup WooCommerce to automatically add customer emails to their account, built their newsletter and trained them on how to build/send future newsletters. We also setup order tracking so we could see how beneficial the newsletters really were.

Just off of the first two newsletter campaigns IKS generated almost $40,000 in sales specifically from email. After one year of running various email campaigns, IKS generated over $114,000 in sales specifically from email.

IKS Revenue


All Cen Tex Septic and Vacuum Pumping

Overview: A marketing company working for All Cen Tex Septic Pumping contacted us to help with their new website design. In addition to design we analyzed their site, top keywords and competition. We utilized onsite and offsite SEO optimization techniques to move them up organically to the top of major search engines under the most desired key phrases for their industry and service areas.

Services: SEM Analysis, WordPress Responsive Design, Site Optimization, Local Listings, Link Building, Article Distribution, Google Map Optimization

After performing a search marketing analysis, we built and optimized a search engine friendly website for All Cen Tex Septic Pumping. We built multiple city pages to rank organically and use as landing pages for city specific marketing.

All Cen Tex Septic Pumping

Once all pages were optimized and the site was launched, we started with article distribution services. Over the next few months we created and distributed multiple articles targeting high volume keywords and service areas. Gradually the site and multiple city pages began moving up the organic listings. Soon after the All Cen Tex business listing started showing up more prominently in the Google maps area.

All Cen Tex now pulls up at or near the top organically for just about every city search in the Austin area related to “septic pumping”. In most cases they also pull up #1 or #2 in the Google 3-pack map listing. See below for their listing under “septic pumping austin”.



Prime Properties

Overview: Prime Properties of Austin wanted to increase their organic rankings, primarily Google. We analyzed, optimized, migrated them to a new keyword-rich domain name, and performed various link building services to move them to the top of the organic rankings.

Services: SEM Analysis, Site Optimization, Local Listings, Domain Name Migration, Link Building, Article Distribution

Prime Properties is a property management company located in Austin, Texas. We built their website for them, but had never been in charge of any of the online marketing efforts, which up to this point had primarily been PPC. We knew that the html code was search engine friendly and loosely optimized for their main keywords. We decided it was time for a full SEM Analysis.

We went back over the client website and competitor sites, narrowing down our list of the most important keywords. After performing our keyword analysis, we had our completed list. We began tightening the optimization of the pages, linking structure, titles and file names.

“Lubbock Internet is a great bunch to work with. These guys helped us to craft a great web site and achieve a high degree of Search Engine Optimization within our industry. All of this equates to major value! I highly recommend using their services.”

– Larry Parks, General Partner, Prime Partners, LLP

While working on the site optimization, it came to our attention that the domain name austinpropertymanagement.com was for sale. This name contained our client’s most searched for keyphrase and had an existing registration life of over ten (10) years. The term “austin property management” also best described our client’s service. After consulting with our client, it was clear that purchasing the domain name was a wise decision.

Once the domain name was purchased, we used Google’s domain transfer process to move the newly optimized site over to the new domain name. existing sitter to the new domain. We further researched transfer strategies to ensure current rankings and inbound links were not lost. Wanting to be sure we didn’t run into any unknown issues, we consulted with a prominent SEO expert who had written an article specifically on this process.

After completing the domain name migration and performing various article distribution services, we were able to move them from a #8 organic listing to a #1 organic listing. We also helped them optimize their Google business page, reaching a #1 listing.

Lubbock Apartment Association

Overview: After receiving the maintenance job we took on the task of going through pages of code and multiple databases to get familiar with the site. After learning the amount of code and site data we discussed the first wave of new features that were needed.

Services: Database Migration, Design Makeover, Job Board, Comparison Tools, Mobile Development

The existing LAA site was built in Classic ASP. With the amount of new work needed, we had to determine whether it was better to continue building in Classic ASP or completely rebuild the site in ASP.NET/C#, our preferred programming language, which has many advantages over the older Classic ASP. We assessed that the site should stay in ASP, because of the large amount of preexisting functional code. It was not cost nor time effective to rebuild at this stage. We suggested a minor overhaul of the ASP code to speed up performance. We also advise that the existing data that was stored in multiple Access databases be migrated into one SQL Server database.

The first phase of development for the LAA site included an updated look and the addition of some new search and display tools. We changed the color scheme, expanded the navigation area and switched to a wider, more current site width. After consulting with a professional website user experience company, a new search and display flow was built. Some of the new features included: community slideshow, flash advertising, rotating member advertisements, job board, save to favorites, and community amenities comparison tool.

After the new and improved website was launched, LAA received awards from both the local Chamber of Commerce and from the National Apartment Association.

Additional features added to the site include: 3 levels of featured communities, condensed dynamic community details, sponsored listing feature, and light box video and virtual tour popups.

“I have trusted Lubbock Internet for over 9 years to create the online vision for the companies I have worked with. When LubbockApartments.com decided to modernize our website and add features like sharing for social media, a fully integrated career center, buyers guide with web shots and more, we knew they were the best company for the job. Their design knowledge, programming expertise, and service pricing are the best I’ve seen in the entire industry.

The site that they redesigned for us went on to win local and national awards from the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce and the National Apartment Association. Lubbock Internet has been and will continue to be the best of the best website development companies out there.”

– Samantha Hoover – Lubbock Apartment Association

The Lubbock Apartment Association has a nationally recognized website that is widely used by individuals looking for housing in the Lubbock Area. Association members have multiple advertising and customer generation features at their disposal. By adding new useful features on a regular basis for both users and association members, LAA continues to be the leading housing search service in their market.

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