At Lubbock Internet we build and maintain websites for many different types of clients: Online Retailers, Financial Institutions, Attorneys, Doctors, Restaurants, Sports Teams, Home Builders, etc. We have experience working with businesses in many different industries, both online and “brick and mortar”.

In addition to our web services, we provide a wide variety of SEO and Search Marketing services.

Our company was originally named Lubbock Internet, being founded in Lubbock in 2001. We opened an office in Austin in 2002, eventually moving the Austin office to Cedar Park in 2003. We incorporated in 2003 under Shores Medis, while still doing business in Lubbock as Lubbock Internet. The bulk of our clients are located in West Texas and Central Texas.

We continuously work to keep up with the latest web technology and standards. We also continue to educate ourselves on proven SEO tactics and growing trends in Search Marketing. By doing this, we believe we are providing quality services that have the best chance for success.

To learn more about us, take a look at our Customer Testimonials to see what our clients are saying about us. Find out what we’ve been working on lately by checking out our News Blog and Portfolio.